Maximizing the ecoating advantage

Parts, particularly complex parts, are a challenge for many powder coaters. That is why you want a powder coater skilled in ecoating. Ecoating, whether used as a undercoat (primer) or a finish coat possesses many advantages:

  • Consistent paint transfer process that minimizes paint defects
  • Coats complex parts and hard to reach surfaces
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Durable finish in all weather conditions

Ecoating is just one of many options your powder coating company should offer. There is no “one-size-fits-all”. Each project is unique.

CW Finishing offers the options you want. Best of all, those options come with proven experience -- more than 60 years of combined experience in the industry. That translates into a knowledgeable partner who answers and advises on all your powder coating powder coat

You want a powder coating company that goes above and beyond expectations, providing many value added services.

You want Central Wisconsin Finishing as your next powder coating company whether that need is:

  • Thermoset coating
  • Thermoplastic coating
  • Ecoating
  • Finishes for large, small and every part in between.
CW Finishing should be your source for powder coating in Central Wisconsin.

E-coated parts are also electrically charged. However the parts are generally attached to metal racks and immersed in the E-coat paint. Because the E-coat paint is charged opposite from the part, the paint adheres to the part and provides a uniform coat to even the most complex part.

Thermoset Coatings

This is a 100% solid (dry powder), that is electrostaticaly charged and applied to the base metal. It passed through an oven where the powder particles melt and joins together with the metal forming a hard, smooth finish. Thermoset coatings are frequently used in architectural products including windows, doors, handrails and more.

Themoplastic Coatings

Similar to thermoset coatings, thermoplastic coatings also melt and form a fusion-bonded coating which when cooled, produces a finish stronger, more durable and flexible coating. It also offers superior corrosion resistance. The thermoplastic coating has the option to be applied using a traditional electrostatic gun or via immersion in a bed of plastic material.

The thermoplastic coatings possess unique traits including anti-graffiti properties, use with parts that come in contact with food and an extended service life. While thermoplastic powder coating offers some appealing traits, it is limited in terms of a limited range of colors.